Version - Earn 60% interest per year.
Same idea. New concepts. Professional development.
Version is made for everyone.
Just download the wallet and start right away!
Development at it's finest.
To continuously improve this project, we work daily on new solutions and ideas.
Version is a SHA-256 and Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that was originally launched on February 21, 2014.
There was NO PREMINE and NO ICO.

Version has stood the test of time and after all of these years, the coin is still strong and its community continues to grow.

The wallet has been improved and so have the coin specifications.
There is continued work being done on Version cryptocurrency.

Version has been embraced by its community members and the project has a very bright future ahead.

  • Proof of Stake: 60% interest per year
  • PoS Maturity: 5 days

  • Max. reward cap per block: 200𝓥
  • Block time: 90 seconds

  • Confirmations necessary: 30 (Newly minted coins)
  • Difficulty retargeting: Every block

  • P2P port: 9988
  • RPC port: 9908
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